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Christina Cooper Coaching

Spark your purpose, live your passion

Succeed and thrive, bring your creative passions to the world, create an impact, do what you love and love what you do.



Create, flow, have fun.

I believe that creating should be fun, performing should be easy and being the best you can be should be no effort at all. It’s just that limiting beliefs, fear of judgement and lack of self-worth can really take you out of flow and prevent you from expressing who you really are. I can help you to experience a life-changing perspective where success, fulfilment, confidence and comfort in your own skin are just a natural product of being yourself and loving life.

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I can help you to find the spark you may have lost, to regain a sense of purpose and fulfilment for what you do, to strengthen your innate confidence, to experience more success, recognition and value for your skills and artistry, and to leverage your income through your own creativity.



I can help you to uncover your priceless value and worth to yourself and the rest of the world, to discover your wider vision to make a difference, to achieve better results and more success, experience less stress and anxiety and find the optimal work/life balance for you. If you are stuck in employment in a job you hate, tired, stressed and anxious, then I can help you to find the confidence to discover the work you really love, whether it’s in a new job or taking the first steps to self-employment and entrepreneurship.