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Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Performance Coaching

London and Worldwide

Welcome to Cognitive Harmony, my name is Christina. It’s my mission to inspire you towards positive change in your life. As a Cognitive Hypnotherapist I see clients for a whole range of different issues at my practices in East Dulwich and Clerkenwell. As a specialist Performance Coach I work with performers in London and across the globe who are struggling with performance anxiety and other performance-related issues. For this I offer one-to-one sessions in person or via Zoom video link, and regular group workshops in London and internationally.


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I can help with:

Anxiety, performance anxiety/stagefright, depression, panic attacks, public speaking, weightloss, phobias, relationship problems, sexual problems, low self-esteem, low confidence, sleep problems, pain (chronic and acute) and more…

Perhaps you have a bad habit, feel stuck, feel limited, are struggling to cope, are afraid of something, worry too much about things, feel as though you’re just not good enough, feel overwhelmed, stressed, have trouble sleeping or just need some extra motivation. Perhaps you are a musician or other performer suffering with performance anxiety or stagefright which is stopping you from performing at your best. Whatever is holding you back from living the life you want, I can work with you to help you move forward and make a difference in your life.


There is no man living who isn’t capable of achieving more than he thinks he can.

Henry Ford

Imagine if you could be free from something which has burdened you for so long. How incredible would that feel, and what kind of an impact would it have on your life? You might not yet know the magnitude of change you are capable of achieving, but we all have a huge potential which we can access when we maintain a growth mindset and work towards change.

See more about how I can help you using Cognitive Hypnotherapy at my clinics in East Dulwich (South London) or Clerkenwell (Central London). If you are a musician, actor, dancer, or other performer I specialise in Performance Coaching to help with performance nerves and stage-fright. I hold one-to-one sessions in both my South and Central London practices, and worldwide via Zoom video link. I also hold workshops in venues across London and internationally. Take that first step towards becoming the person you want to be, and book your free initial consultation now, to see how I can help you to transform your life.