Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Performance Coaching

Let's Work Together

Welcome to Cognitive Harmony, my name is Christina. As a fully qualified cognitive hypnotherapist and performance coach, I can help to create positive and long-lasting change in your life. Cognitive hypnotherapy is an extremely powerful and effective way to remove the blocks which may be stopping you from reaching your potential. So if you feel as though you are just existing, I can help you to start living again. I hold one-to-one sessions in Clerkenwell – Central London, East Dulwich – South London and over Skype worldwide. Contact me for a free initial consultation to see how I may be able to help you.

Cognitive hypnotherapy is a modern approach backed by science, which helps you get out of your own way in the most powerful way to become a better version of you. It can help you with anxiety, confidence, losing weight, stopping smoking, self-esteem, depression, phobias, public speaking, performance anxiety, sleep, chronic or acute pain, chronic illness, relationship issues and many other problems.

Our natural state of being when we are born is that of growth, and it is our environment which ultimately shapes who we become. You were not born anxious, or lacking in confidence, or afraid of things, it is your experiences over time which put you into protection mode. Your brain is plastic and has an incredible ability to change and grow, so stop letting your problem hold you from being the person you really want to be and take your life into your own hands. .

There is no man living who isn’t capable of achieving more than he thinks he can. Henry Ford

I am fascinated by the human mind and its incredible capacity for growth and adaptation. I love the idea that none of us ever truly know what our full potential is, but through trying and failing, we can discover more each time about who we are capable of being.