Play with Confidence, Freedom and Flow

I can help you:

  • feel more confident in your performances
  • make fewer mistakes or worry less about making them
  • flow and express yourself more fully
  • enjoy your performances more
  • have more opportunities to perform in a supportive environment
  • feel more in control of your technique when performing
  • meet other pianists, make new friends, feel inspired and support each other
  • feel in control and in the zone more often
  • take an exam or diploma or enter a competition with confidence in your ability
  • be free to express your musicality in performance
  • reach your true potential as a pianist
  • play with more focus and less on your mind


In my role as a performance coach I have worked with a lot of amateur pianists and so I understand the challenges you might face. It could be that experiencing a gap from playing as a child or attending music college leads you to a lack of confidence and limiting beliefs about yourself as an adult pianist, a previous lack of opportunity causing you to doubt your abilities, not having enough time to dedicate to the piano and therefore feeling insecure and unprepared, or feeling insecure about your level, comparing yourself to others or worrying if you are a beginner and there seems to be a huge mountain to climb.

As pianists we spend so much time on our own that that these blocks and challenges can feel overwhelming or insurmountable, getting in the way of you being able to truly express yourself and enjoy everything about the instrument you are so passionate about. I can help you to overcome those blocks, to unlock your authenticity and natural charisma as a performer and to have the ability to express yourself freely with confidence, fun and enjoyment.

I run bespoke retreats and group programmes as well as one-to-one coaching, helping to get you to a place where you can enjoy your passion for playing the piano whatever your level, grow and develop with other like-minded pianists and find and express your true natural charisma as a performer.

In my coaching role I draw on my wealth of performance experience as a chamber and orchestral double bass player, solo pianist and accompanist, and piano and double bass teacher. Part of what lead me to become a coach, was in dealing with my own performance anxiety, and realising that I wasn’t being true to my purpose in the career path I was on. I now live my passion in a way which fits with who I am perfectly. You can hear some of my story¬†below: