Performance Coaching Central London, Dulwich & Crystal Palace and Worldwide

Performance Coaching can help you if you are a musician, actor, dancer, sportsperson, executive, lawyer, surgeon, public speaker or in any other role where performance matters. As a fellow performer myself, I understand the pressures of performing. I can help you to overcome blocks such as performance anxiety, fear, self-doubt, and low confidence, to help you get the results you really want when it matters most. I can help you to get into the zone to reach a level of peak performance which you are naturally built for.

Perform with more confidence, freedom and fulfilment, create the results you want and enjoy your performances

With Performance Coaching you can learn to:

  • Develop your potential exponentially
  • Achieve consistent results in performance  
  • Enjoy performing
  • Be in flow
  • Feel confident 
  • Rise to every challenge
  • Believe in yourself

Imagine if you could enjoy all of this, without the anxiety you have struggled with until now. How might that feel? What could you achieve? What would you be doing differently? What would become important to you? I can work with you to help you achieve all of these things, by removing the blocks and uncovering your natural ability to thrive as a performer.

Although I have particular expertise as a musician, I love to help performers in all fields as the challenges we face are exactly the same. I see clients one-to-one in person and online, and I hold regular workshops and events in London and internationally. Please subscribe to my mailing list opposite, and like my Facebook Page to stay up-to-date and access regular advice, resources, videos, articles, and blogs on performance.

I booked a couple of coaching sessions with Christina before having to step out of my comfort zone for upcoming concerts. The results were amazing and still are. Physically my playing is now the most relaxed it’s ever been and apparently I now smile when I play my viola….and for people who know me that’s pretty miraculous!


Sarah Harris

Professional Viola Player

I used to struggle with stagefright. Find out how I overcame it:

How Does Performance Coaching Work?

When you first come to see me, I will form a detailed understanding of the problems you’re facing and how it is impacting on your life. We will talk about your biggest dreams and aspirations as a performer, and craft an image of how different you would like your life to be. We may work on:

  • Finding the root causes of anxiety/fear 
  • Reducing physical symptoms of anxiety – shaking, sweaty hands, flushing, panic
  • Identifying negative thought patterns
  • Re-channelling your adrenaline and understanding its role in performance 
  • Learning how to prepare physically and mentally for any performance
  • Learning how to deal with challenges in performance

My Performance Coaching framework combines Cognitive Hypnotherapy, Coaching and NLP, along with psychological and scientific approaches to performance mindset, peak performance and the science of success. My focus is to lead you through the biggest change possible, therefore I will tailor my approach to you as an individual. I will serve you with complete commitment and dedication for the length of your programme and beyond, to help you get the results you really want.

Call me now for a chat about how we can work together to create a transformation in your performances.