Cognitive Hypnotherapy and Performance Coaching London, Dulwich and Worldwide – Success Stories

After years of difficulty sleeping, I approached Christina for help developing good sleep habits. Her approach yielded almost immediate results. I had previously been waking every two hours throughout the night, but within a week of the first session I began sleeping for over three hours at a time. After three cognitive hypnotherapy sessions with Christina, held via Skype at times convenient to me, I was reliably able to sleep for blocks of up to five hours each night. This has made a considerable difference to my physical and mental health, particularly during the winter months when Seasonal Affective Disorder often has a negative impact on my energy levels. 
With continued regular use of Christina’s recordings and other personalized resources, my sleep habits continue to improve and I am increasingly aware of the potential for cognitive hypnotherapy to help with other challenges. I have been recommending it to my friends!


Alison Butler

PhD Student

I went to Christina for help with ‘work/life balance’. I’d felt a deep dissociation for many years, such that I’d disconnected myself from relationships and thrown myself into my work. At times, this attitude has been self-destructive and hurtful to others.
Christina is attentive, skilled and professional. In just three sessions, I amazed myself with how I changed. I’m naturally skeptical and had no idea what to expect. It’s nothing like stage hypnosis – it’s more like communicating freely in beautifully relaxed, caring space. 
Following my sessions, I’ve astonished myself at how willing I’ve been to give of my time without guilt, to take breaks from work and to feel as if I’ve more time in the day. 
For years, I felt a sense of obligation towards others, and I later reacted by going to an opposite extreme. I’m quite resistant to a sense of duty and ‘will power’ – so I have no idea how I would have consciously shifted in this way. It really feels like a subconscious rearrangement, and I’m hugely grateful.

Stephen Marquiss

Pianist and Teacher, Piano Portals

I booked a couple of hypnotherapy sessions with Christina before having to step out of my comfort zone for upcoming concerts. The results were amazing and still are. Physically my playing is now the most relaxed it’s ever been and apparently I now smile when I play my viola….and for people who know me that’s pretty miraculous!

Sarah Harris

Professional Viola Player

I’ve had an initial session with Christina and can honestly say without a doubt she has helped me loads already. She explored some of the main reasons for my performance anxiety – things I hadn’t even realised before, and she helped me reframe these which have enabled me to move forwards. In doing so, I now have more confidence to make videos of myself playing and embark on my performance diploma. Christina is a lovely lady, very professional, polite and kind mannered yet extremely effective in her approach (and a calm, quiet and relaxing location for the coaching). I’ll definitely be going back for more sessions. Thank you Christina!!

Natasha Prendergast

Pianist and Teacher