Workshops and Events in London, Internationally and Online

I run regular workshops and events in London and outside the UK and also online, relating to performance and other areas. Please see below for upcoming events in 2018.

This webinar is for you if you:

  • Are an adult amateur pianist
  • Would like to feel less nervous and more in control of your performances¬†
  • Worry about making mistakes, making a fool of yourself or being judged
  • Would like to take an exam or diploma but don’t feel confident enough
  • Would like to perform more often in public, or in front of other people without feeling overcome with nerves
  • Would like to tackle more difficult¬†repertoire and know you can pull it off

How you will benefit:

  • Experience less anxiety and feel more at ease playing in front of others
  • Learn how to get ‘in the zone’ and be focused whilst playing
  • Have more confidence in your piano performance skills