Performance Workshops and Events in London

I run regular performance workshops in London for learning how to deal with performance anxiety, stage fright and other blocks which stop you from performing at your best. I also broadcast live workshops and talks on my Facebook Page, so please like my page to keep up-to-date.

Become the confident performer you aspire to be with every performance!

In this workshop learn how to reprogram your mind to:

  • Perform at your best consistently without feeling overcome by nerves
  • Stop worrying and start achieving regular successful performances
  • Overcome audition anxiety
  • Believe you can be the performer you want to be right now
  • Perform in a state of flow, feeling relaxed and confident
  • Use your adrenaline to the benefit of your performance
  • Feel confident about your ability
  • Present yourself confidently and professionally on stage
  • Enjoy performing

Conway Hall, Bertrand Russell Room, Sunday 24th September

Citylit, Room G01, Saturday 12th August